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SONOR AQ2 Safari Set WM Transp. Stain Black 16,10,13+13 shell set

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SONOR AQ2 Safari Set WM Transp. Stain Black 16,10,13+13 shell set


With the AQ2 Series drums you can sound like the pros.
All maple shells and our SmartMount facilitate this.

German engineering inside.

We offer five standard configurations to start with, all featuring our popular 7-ply all maple shell construction (4 plies of Canadian maple, 3 plies of Chinese maple). The drums share fittings and finishes, offering the flexibility to mix and match within the whole AQ2 Series.

The AQ2 Series drums come with special designed shell hardware and an unique tom mounting system: the SmartMount.
This minimalistic yet functional mount has the true German design and engineering spirit inside: optimal sound sustain with a minimal amount of hardware on the drum shell.
  • Finish: Transparent Stain Black
  • Shell hardware finish: Chrome plated
  • Bass Drum: 16 x 15 (with mount)
  • Tom Tom: 10 x 7
  • Floor Tom: 13 x 12
  • Snare Drum: 13 x 6
  • Cymbal / Tom holder: yes
  • Shell construction: 7 plies, Maple, CLTF Cross Laminated
  • Special features: TuneSafe lugs, special mounting system "smart mount", improved lug design for more stability, special vibration free tom mounting system (T.A.R / APS)